Hi, I'm James Caw

I'm often asked what I do. It's an interesting question - which I don't take for granted. I have a full life with diverse interests - and the ability to live it by God's grace.

So this is a window into JamesCaw - it tries to answer what I do. It may touch on who I am - but my hope is that something here might help you grow in some way.
Be it personal, professional, entrepreneurial or spiritual.

Growth is my passion and I'd love to hear from you once you've had a look around.
It takes courage to face each day, and I'm grateful for each moment!

20 July 2019

What does the Bible say about Sin?

Sin is not a popular topic, yet dealing with sin is something vital for the Christian. The Word speaks about sin a lot. Having a biblical […]
20 July 2019

What does the Bible Say about Salvation?

It’s been an excellent journey discovering what the Bible says about specific topics. I could create a long opinion piece for you, or even craft a […]
10 January 2019

Practical Prayer

Get practical with your Prayer Life Creating habits takes time and Prayer is no different. If you’ve seen any of the recent biblical series on Netflix […]
18 October 2018

True Truth – Foundations

What Gospel do you preach? Is it the same as Paul and the early Apostles? Today there seem to be many different ideas of what the […]
14 October 2018

My Bitcoin Intro

In 2016 I had some Bitcoin. Worth a whopping R7200 each, I sold them to make the move to our new hometown. We’d purchased them for […]
8 October 2018

The 90% Truth

My iPhone caused a real problem in the last church I was a member of. I was raised in a “Bible-Based” “Non-Denominational” church where there was […]