17 September 2018

Once saved, always saved. What does the Bible say?

My family and I have been through a lot. We’ve been carried in the arms of our saviour and that must be said loud and clear. […]
6 September 2018

Starting Church

Introducing the Church. Acts?
24 March 2018

Christianity: A new way.

Religious tradition is not one of my favourite things… Yet I am proud to be a disciple of Jesus! I believe our current understanding of religion should […]
17 June 2017

Denominations of the Church

Selecting a theological standpoint is more challenging for me perhaps due to the fact that the community I grew up in was strongly self-defined as “Bible-Based”. […]
17 June 2017

Christ Follower

My story is not uncommon. And yet it is unique. Before the world was made, I was designed by a master craftsman. He dropped me into […]