10 January 2019

Practical Prayer

Get practical with your Prayer Life Creating habits takes time and Prayer is no different. If you’ve seen any of the recent biblical series on Netflix […]
18 October 2018

True Truth – Foundations

What Gospel do you preach? Is it the same as Paul and the early Apostles? Today there seem to be many different ideas of what the […]
8 October 2018

The 90% Truth

My iPhone caused a real problem in the last church I was a member of. I was raised in a “Bible-Based” “Non-Denominational” church where there was […]
24 September 2018

Growing Disciples

It’s interesting to me that Jesus never used the term Christians, in fact it was first used in Acts 11. The word itself means “little Christ”, […]
17 September 2018

Once saved, always saved. What does the Bible say?

My family and I have been through a lot. We’ve been carried in the arms of our saviour and that must be said loud and clear. […]
6 September 2018

Starting Church

Introducing the Church. Acts?