14 October 2018

My Bitcoin Intro

In 2016 I had some Bitcoin. Worth a whopping R7200 each, I sold them to make the move to our new hometown. We’d purchased them for […]
23 August 2018

Excited about Bitcoin

For the last few years, I’ve been helping people buy Bitcoin. I enjoy teaching so I spend a lot of time explaining what Bitcoin is and […]
17 June 2017

Starting Caw Consulting

After working in a sales management role, and leading the marketing strategy and implementation at an emerging business, I founded Caw Consulting. The tagline – Innovative […]
17 June 2017

A Classic Passion

On my 12th birthday my dad cleaned and shone the mustard yellow Austin Healey which had been lying under a tarp in our garage for most […]
17 June 2017

Growing up Entrepreneurial

When I was in Primary School, my father left the corporate world to pursue a better family experience for his children. I remember him coming home […]