Denominations of the Church
17 June 2017
Starting Church
6 September 2018

Religious tradition is not one of my favourite things… Yet I am proud to be a disciple of Jesus!

I believe our current understanding of religion should revert to what a long-awaited Messiah preached 2000 years ago.

When Jesus rocked up on the very planet he spoke into being, he flipped religious practice on it’s head. There’s no doubt that he immersed himself in the scriptures, prayed without ceasing. He served. He challenged every religious leader he met by looking at their hearts and calling them to a changed way of life. Christianity was founded as a new way, not a new religious tradition.

The church today is rapidly growing away from ‘religious tradition’ toward a much more alive, more powerful and more challenging methodology.

Relationship with Jesus, ‘the Christ’, the Saviour of the World, built and empowered through the Holy Spirit Himself. He is the helper we were promised 2000 years ago, and in Isiah before that. And He is moving today in an incredible reformation!