My story is not uncommon. And yet it is unique.

Before the world was made, I was designed by a master craftsman. He dropped me into a middle class family in a new home in the Northern suburbs of the great city of Johannesburg.

My parents have their own stories of grace reaching in and rescuing them, but by the time I was aware, they were actively involved in one of the most excellent undertakings in life – growing their local church. I can’t tell you the exact day I gave my heart to Christ. That’s probably because of my ADD, but I know I’ve had a long and incredibly comforting relationship with Him.

He has shaped my thinking, my friendships, my loneliness. He’s crafted me, moulded me and shaken my world up. He’s protected me from many evils, many circumstances and many consequences of my own sin. I keep striving to be more like the saviour who has impacted my life in this world, and offered me an eternal┬árest in the next.

For now, I press on toward that prize, painfully aware that many will get to judgment one day and Jesus will say “I never knew you”. I want to be in the few where He says “Well done James, come into my rest!”.

If you know me, please never stop calling me out where I fall short. I believe we all need help to keep following the King of Kings!