Christianity: A new way.
24 March 2018

Selecting a theological standpoint is more challenging for me perhaps due to the fact that the community I grew up in was strongly self-defined as “Bible-Based”.

The difficulty with this definition is that, even in the most despicable mutations of Christianity, the leaders will claim a biblical standpoint.

With this in mind, it has been quite interesting to me to see the slight nuances and different approaches of the many churches I have come into contact with. I have not been in one specific “Denomination” nor have I subscribed to one movement while forsaking all others.

So defining my Theology has been an ongoing exploration of the Word of God, and the power of His grace and Spirit.

What I have come to realize is that the best teacher of theology is not a great commentary or excellent speaker. No, it is a humble heart and a prayerful reading of the Bible.

Denominations are really just excuses to edit the Truth for our own comfort. Once you embrace the true Gospel – you don’t need more than the Bible and the Holy Spirit to figure it out.

If there’s something in the Word that doesn’t make sense to you or contradicts itself in your mind, study the preconceptions you have around that thought and you may find freedom.