My Bitcoin Intro
14 October 2018

For the last few years, I’ve been helping people buy Bitcoin. I enjoy teaching so I spend a lot of time explaining what Bitcoin is and how to avoid losing it. People I engage with enjoy the peace of mind of using someone they can trust and having a Bitcoin expert available to answer their questions, teaching them about this incredible industry.

This model is great for guys with large amounts of capital. But what about the chap who has a desk job, earns just enough to pay the bills, maybe has a young family to feed? Will he ever be likely to raise R15000 ‘spare cash’ to get started with cryptocurrency?

Well, this is why I’ve partnered with a membership-based business where anyone can sign up for a monthly purchase of Bitcoin. “Buy a Little Every Month” is a universally accepted principle when building an asset base, and we want to see Bitcoin becoming part of more individuals’ portfolios.

Making it easy to get started is the solution to the “barrier to entry”. Next comes the fun part, educating people about the Cryptocurrency World. There is a lot of noise out there, and a lot of challenges as well. But one thing is certain, Bitcoin is here to stay and those who own even a little will be smiling a decade or two from now.

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Say farewell to FOMO once and for all! Oh yes, I said I believe Bitcoin will be only for the rich, because I believe it will continue to make HODLers wealthy in the future, as other money continues devaluing.

Do you dabble in Crypto? Would you encourage friends to get involved? Or are you in the majority – you’re not really sure what it’s all about and are too busy at that desk to learn?

Thanks for reading and sharing.