Starting Caw Consulting
17 June 2017

When I was in Primary School, my father left the corporate world to pursue a better family experience for his children.

I remember him coming home after dark while working for the bank, and then I remember sitting around the coffee table frantically finishing a project together as a family once his new company was launched. The latter was a better experience.

My folks took risks, sacrificed luxuries, gave up promising careers Рall in the pursuit of what they believed was the best for their children and the calling God had for them. Their example and the many projects, meetings and events which us kids were exposed to have shaped each of my siblings into born and bred entrepreneurs.

Now in a similar position, I too left my corporate role in a successful IT firm to work for me. It’s been an incredible priveledge spending time with my kids and wife and watching my little ones grow. I’m also able to focus on the kind of work I love.

Entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone, but I do believe everyone is capable of achieving a leadership role of some sort. The key is to know where your passion lies, what skills you have, and where these two intersect with a method of generating income.