On 5 July 2012 a 5 year old boy was told that he would soon belong to a new family. Our Family.

His government-appointed social worker today handed in her report and recommendation to the court.

Last week she visited us at our home. She counted the number of rooms, eyed our Italian Mastiff suspiciously, commented on the open plug points in the lounge, took as much info as she could out of Natalie’s budget (it is of course our joint budget but it’s existence is largely due to Natalie’s efforts!), and popped her head quickly into the room we’d just finished converting.

She asked tons of questions; about our families, our reasons, our expectations. She asked if we’re sure we want to adopt when we’re 22 weeks pregnant (YES!) She asked about schools and plans and how long we’d lived in our house. She asked about race, racism and whether we felt we’d bonded at all in our interactions with the lad.

Then she told us she’d met with him already and was sure he’d be happy with us. “She’d submit her report next week”. Finally she eyed out the Mastiff again and went away without touching the tea we’d rushed home to make.

The court will apparently take two weeks to hear the case of his placement with us. When they do they should sign him over to us as foster parents. He’ll move in with us right away. At that point we’ll appoint our private social worker to process the adoption.

When Bev from Oasis Haven sat him down this afternoon, she told him he can expect a new mom and dad. A “forever family”. She gave him a book which Natalie & I spent hours making with photo’s of our immediate families. (We put the scan photo of “baby girl” in there too.)

Natalie labelled everyone – 2 Grannies, 2 Grandpas, 4 Aunts and 3 Uncles, 5 Cousins, 3 dogs, one growing baby sister and a new Mom & Dad.

And the reaction to all this overwhelming info? He beamed.

What more could we ask for?