Since she was a little girl, my wife was fascinated by the Thoroughbred mare.

And so, in an attempt to generate some quality time together, we began taking horse riding lessons at a wonderful little farm just outside Durbanville, North of Cape Town.

The staff at RockingA Riding School were fantastic, and it wasn't too long before the equestrian bug had bitten us both. As we spent more time at the stables, we began trying to figure out how we could make the most out of this incredible sport.

For both of us the time with the horses was incredible. Especially when you're a complete novice, from the second you climb into that saddle, there's nothing else that can occupy your mind. I was amazed at how intuitive each beast was. They read me like a book.

In the early days, when I was a bit anxious, the horse would fidget and spook at the smallest thing. There was no way the beast would take it's lead from me. No, all 600 odd kilos would do as it pleased. I discovered the art of faking it to make it.

I've learnt with each horse I've met that every interaction counts. Just as you're sizing them up, they're checking you out. They'll quickly gauge how far they can push you, and test your boundaries continuously. And then suddenly, you'll connect and begin to work together.

We started just horsing around. Then we became horse owners. Now, with five unintended dismounts under my belt, I'm working toward becoming a genuine horseman.