Excited about Bitcoin
23 August 2018

In 2016 I had some Bitcoin. Worth a whopping R7200 each, I sold them to make the move to our new hometown.

We’d purchased them for an average price of about R3000, and they’d more than doubled! Surely it was too good to be true anyway? My brother advised me to hold on to at least one. I needed the extra R7200. And sold it all.

One year later the Bitcoin price was at R72000. And I was out of the game.

That’s when I started working at the first instance of what is today The Coin Buyers Club.

My brother, Andrew, and I are teaching others about Bitcoin and helping them get started with it. You can see more at www.coinbuyers.club

From personal experience we recommend getting in for the long-term. Bitcoin is uncharted territory and much still has to be proven, but it’s not an easy quick-win financial product. Long term though, it’s consistently produced very good returns. But only if you stay in it.